Are you experienced? The Thames Leisure Experience

Regular visitors to our website will have noticed a slow, small but important change coming over the Thames Leisure brand over the last few months. The foundation of this change can be encapsulated in our new strap line: Better on the River. This comes from what we see as a simple truth: events are better when they take place on the river. Whether a birthday party, Christmas party, corporate shindig, wedding reception or full on dance-‘til-you-drop boat party, being afloat on the River Thames adds something special – magical even – to the event.

This leads me onto the second foundation of events on the river Thames. Notice the capital E in Experience in the title. Events on the river are so good, they are an experience, and we capitalise on that, and are proud of our part in that, seeking to make every one we run even better. Imagine your office Christmas party in a nice venue in London, maybe one with a stunning view. Now transport your experience at the table to one where the stunning view is constantly changing, bringing you surprises with every moment. Here comes the Houses of Parliament…Big Ben…The London Eye…The Old Royal Naval College…the Tower of London! Always feeling like they are within touching distance and at night, lit up spectacularly, we think every cruise we do gives you the best view in the city, bar none.

So the river is ‘better’ and it becomes an experience when you cruise on it; if you book events as an agent or for your company don’t just take our word for it, sign up for our next ‘fam trip’ to enjoy the full Thames Leisure experience in person. So what do we do, to take this further, to claim the ‘Better’ experience as our own? Apart from brilliant and delicious food a far cry from what many people expect of a river cruise – see some of our menus here – and excellent customer service, and great river cruisers for every type of event, we have some special tricks up our sleeve.

Open Tower Bridge

We can proudly say there are a number of things we do that make us stand out from the crowd. How many other major Thames boat companies have at their disposal their very own historic tall sailing ship? None, only we do! Thames Sailing Barge Will, operated by our sister brand Topsail (the same lovely team in the Thames Leisure office) is a piece of London history. Built in 1925, tall masted, with an oak panelled dining room rugs, brass galore and a real log burner, commanding Tower Bridge to open every time she goes through, with her very own Wikipedia page, she is a real experience for every passenger. The feeling you get when you are approaching Tower Bridge on SB Will, especially on a twinkling London evening, with the city lights illuminated, and you hear the quiet beeps from the Bridgemaster’s office warning cars of an imminent bridge opening, is incredibly exciting. What happens next is this historic and iconic corner of London coming to a halt just for you as you pass through to the wonder of tourists and Londoners alike waving at you from the towers. That is an experience.

We like to be as inclusive as we can here, so you don’t even have to have your event on SB Will to experience the wonder of Tower Bridge opening for your event. You can still book one of our other river boats and we can still arrange to have Tower Bridge open for you courtesy of SB Will’s special privileges! Ask us how.

Creators on the river

Beyond this, we are event creators. We invented the Thames Clay Shoot cruise which is still one of our most popular experiences, and we are constantly sourcing new entertainers and partners. We are currently working on a new Thames Treasure Hunt, and also looking forward to running our sold out Thames tall ships and fireworks cruises for the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival. In short, we are involved with everything on the river – we live and breathe it and want to bring the brilliant experience it offers to all our clients. It’s better on the river with Thames Leisure don’t you know…

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