Planning a birthday party can be a challenge, particularly if it is for a particularly momentous occasion – a 40th, 60th or even an 18th. It needs to be exciting, full of fun and above all else, memorable. Here’s where birthday parties on boats comes in!

As events specialists we can answer that – with us! Thames Leisure’s fleet of boats offers the perfect venue for a wide range of guests. Whether you want to sip champagne and watch London drift by, dine on a top quality feast or dance the night away on a floating dance floor, hand over the reins (or in this case the wheel) and let us steer your party to success!


Because it is incredibly good value and adds something special to a standard venue – the best views in London! Yes you could climb the highest tower and see the skyline, but it will cost you mega bucks and it remains static. A boat party starts from as little as a few hundred pounds, and from the water your view is ever-shifting –a magical, twinkling evening! You also get a chance to see a side of London few will have witnessed – the underbelly of Tower Bridge. Depending on which boat you have chosen, we can arrange for this to open as your boat goes underneath. Now there’s something that will impress the guests!

Which boat is best?

The best way to whittle down our extensive options is to work out the numbers. Although we can cater to as many as 375 people in the Dutch Master, most people find that the smaller boats offer a more intimate and fun setting for their group. There is nothing like the atmosphere and grandeur of Sailing Barge Will to make the birthday boy or girl and 44 of their guests feel special.

Does the cost include food?

Our standard costs do not include any food. Our caterer has a variety of menus, from buffet to sit-down dinners, so think about the kind of party you want and then we can discuss additional costs with you. If you decide on a dinner, the easiest and most cost-effective option is to choose one meal for everybody. And don’t worry if any of your party has dietary requirements – our caterer is used to preparing food for even the trickiest palette!

Can the boats be themed?

Love them or hate them, they do make a party instantly funny! Thames Leisure has seen everything from pirate themed 40ths to Moulin Rouge at 60 (now that was a memorable event!). We can help you decide and work with you to deck the boat out with suitable decorations. We may even be able to help with that – there are all manner of things left behind from previous parties. Perhaps we’ll leave those Moulin Rouge feather boas though…!

Is it a pay bar?

It can be, or you can pay in advance – we are flexible about how you use the bar. We just make sure it is fully-stocked as no party wants to run out of drinks! If you are looking for something a little bit special, we can also arrange for our cocktail team to impress your guests with a touch of flair, perhaps even creating a cocktail in honour of the birthday girl or boy. Our cocktail team are fantastic teachers and like nothing better than to get people involved – before you know it your friend from work will be mixing up a Cosmopolitan in direct contest with your best mate from uni.

We don’t want a booze cruise!

Then don’t have one! We can offer all sorts of parties – quiet dinners, cream teas, salsa nights, cheesy discos, casinos, murder mystery events or even clay pigeon shooting. The point is that our boats are adaptable and our creative events team are more than happy to tailor an event to suit your needs.

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