Trains, Waves & Edible Volcanoes

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else” – Yogi Berra

 So thankfully, my manager was accompanying me!

Day three as an Event Assistant, my first ever events fair and I’ve already spilled water all over my square meal access pass! Apart from that I am doing well, I even remembered a pen to note the day for you lovely readers.


We’ve arrived in London! Wind flowing through my hair .. (Photo above for proof) We sauntered along the Thames with me admiring every building in sight (so doing the whole tourist experience to the fullest) a few detours,numerous photo opportunities and a sandwich later we are standing at the Tower pier. This is my opportunity to prove to myself and really the general public that I can get onto a small boat without stumbling into the Thames.


We rock up next to the William B, ropes are thrown over to keep the cygnet from drifting and it’s a steep climb up onto the deck. Adjusting to the ‘slight’ rocking of a still boat is proving difficult, I’ve got a hold of every handrail I can find and I’m watching the breakers out of the window. From afar, I couldn’t understand 120 people fitting on-board, but standing on the large open deck it’s more realistic. I should point out that boarding for guests is a lot easier, the boat will meet you at the Pier, so don’t let my clumsiness put you off!


Now is a quick nip off to our baby boat, the smallest vessel in our fleet, Tideway. Before having the opportunity to observe Tideway, I only knew it as a small boat with a small capacity, but this isn’t just a boat. This is a home away from home. There’s comfort; there’s a bar and if you want that typical British feel, it’s basically a floating pub! What is not to love?


So ‘one small step for man, a giant leap for mankind’ later and I was aboard our Party Boat; the Dutch Master! It lives up to the reputation of a party boat. There is a cork in the middle of the boat meaning music can be communal or as today goes, it’s been blocked off allowing different vibes on each ground level.

I am very excited to experience a night on the Dutch Master when ‘Design My Night’ host their Silent Disco on 27th October. (Watch this space…)


It was a great experience being able to see the boats for myself. I did appreciate handing back my life jacket and standing on land again, even though I was still rocking with the tides for a while.

I managed to get a new pass printed for the Square Meal fair luckily! Walking through the first doors was how I imagined Alice to feel when reaching Wonderland. The contemporary string ensemble of ‘Urban Soul’ to your left, Striking lights and feather flowers to the right; but really it all started at ‘Guineapig’ a space brought to life by interaction.


My manager had been telling me about huggable lights and I did think him a bit crazy but here I am wrong, as ‘Pluck & Hug’ is actually a good selling product for the company, simple over sized balls which you pull down and hug!

My favourite of their inventions, however, is something called ‘Tropism Well’ the ideal dream for all us lazy people out there! When the machine senses movement, it will bow to pour the liquid into the glass. I did mention it to be a vision! … Does anyone want to buy me one for the office? …

Now there’s ‘lick me’ a space filled with bubbles, foam and it smells like a fairy-tale. They’re showcasing an ‘Edible Bubble Volcano’ 0 calories to make it more tempting! A ‘Tipsy fountain‘ (Forever flowing) and in their words not mine ‘Have a yard? Fancy bringing some boys to it? … they have the ‘Nitro Shaker’ and let me tell you now, there were heaps of boys in their yard!

All of this was great material as we are building up our on new event ideas especially with our Christmas events around the corner we will be needing more themes then working on 2018 cruises. Again, watch this space!



I did venture around on my own for a bit, which was eventful as I accidentally made eye contact with every stall I passed by, I got; several testers, a fake grass companies detail and an offer for my office to take a trip to Disneyland Paris for our Staff Christmas party … That’s exciting! Just need to convince everyone now!

So overall, I think I aced this opportunity, I can return to the office with an increased knowledge of our boats and plenty of inspirational ideas for our events. If anyone has any more ideas, I would love to hear them!

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