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Costs for hiring your London charter boat

Below you can find detailed boat hire prices detailed below. These prices are valid currently until 1st of September 2019. For the best prices always talk to us!

Sailing Barge Will

Anytime, 4-6 hour charter

£1950 – £2950 dependent on time of year. Email us for best prices on your date.


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Pricing Notes>

– Minimum charter times apply: – Daytime (before 6pm) Monday-Friday: minimum 3 hours – Daytime (before 6pm) Saturday-Sunday: minimum 4 hours – All evening events (after 6pm): minimum 4 hours

– Please note a £100 per hour surcharge will apply after midnight – We cannot offer charters past 1am – Bank holidays will be charged as weekends – There is no VAT on boat charter


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Daytime (until 6pm) Monday – Friday £348.00 per hour Saturday – Sunday £398.00 per hour Evening (after 6pm) Monday- Thursday £335.00 per hour Friday – Sunday £430.00 per hour  


Daytime (until 6pm) Monday – Friday £383.00 per hour Saturday – Sunday £433.00 per hour Evening (after 6pm) Monday- Thursday £390.00 per hour Friday – Sunday £580.00 per hour

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>Pricing Notes continued

†NB: Security guards are required on Dutch Master. 2 guards will be required for groups up to 150 people; a further guard will be required for each additional 50 people.

For information about using one of our vessels as transportation please visit www.thamesleisure.co.uk/river-transport  

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We carefully review and place our prices in a competitive charter boat market in London. This is an ongoing practice to ensure we continue to offer best value to our customers as well as making sure we are in a position to keep our lovely boats as the best in their class. Ultimately though, we understand everyone has budgets. We can’t always be flexible, but we’ll always listen and may have a few questions of our own, and sometimes we can offer a better price than those you see here. So do get in touch using those red icons on the right, and we’ll see if we can help.

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As you will see if you give our ‘Quick Quote’ calculator a go, we always clearly detail what you are paying for. You can expect your quotation from us to show the boat charter price, any catering you’ve requested, entertainment, or extras to be clearly laid out. We’ll also show you the per person price depending on your group size, as well as net and gross (+VAT) prices.

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