London Boat Parties

  • The BEST boat sound system
  • 375 capacity
  • Two large rooms
  • Large outside decks
  • Great looking boat

London Boat Parties that go one Better

We like to push the boundaries of parties on London’s River Thames. Working with festivals, clubs and London’s cutting-edge event organisers and club night promoters, we are changing the vibe on the Thames. In a time when land-locked clubs are hitting hard times, the Dutch Master Party Boat is thriving. We welcome exotic light shows, bold concepts and exhilarating nights out on the river.

Are you a party promoter or university social organiser?

Our flagship, Dutch Master, has become the River Thames’ largest number one party boat for club promoters. With a capacity of 375 guests over 3 floors (including 2 bars and an impressive sound system), her flexibility and versatility to event organisers is unmatched on the river.

Already working in conjunction with a growing list of major club night promoters, Thames Leisure will ensure your event makes an explosive impact on London’s night-life. University social party organisers are regulars on the Dutch Master also, appreciating the high quality boat and service and budget friendly pricing we offer. Read about our Student Nights on board the Dutch on this page.

New club-grade sound system 

We know what makes a good night work and the sound system is vital. Brand new in Summer 2018 we have a ‘Grade A’ sound-system permanently installed on the Dutch. Funktion One speakers are the foundation of our bespoke audio which is for hire to all promoters and boat charterers. This is available at a great price too, with no need to worry about delivery and installation – as well as what happens at the end of the night too.

Organising and promoting your event on the Thames

If you’re looking for a party or club venue on the Thames, one that you can be sure will live long in the memory, then you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s for a festival, club night, gig or any other event we can help you plan the perfect boat party on the Thames. Using our growing Dutch Master Party Boat Facebook page, we’ll also help to promote your event to our growing Dutch Master fan-base. See regular Dutch Master prices here, and do talk to us early on to make sure we can give you the best deal to help get your event off the ground.

  • Amazing Sound System

  • 375 capacity

  • Two rooms of music

  • Can open Tower Bridge

  • Two outside decks

  • Newly refurbished

“Please could you pass on my sincere “thank you” to the team on the Dutch Master on Sunday.  The Captain, Nick and the rest of... Read More

Sharron Grant, Promoter

Flexible boat, flexible company, flexible people…flexible prices!

Weekends are the highlight of party-goers weeks. The big Saturday night. As such these days and nights are when the Dutch is at her busiest too: it’s prime party time! However, our premiere party boat is becoming more popular on many days of the week and this is something we want to encourage. If you have a party you want to promote at a time that might be considered non-peak, just give us a call and explain your event. If it sounds good we just might be able to shift our prices a bit to help you get started.

Partners in partying

We like to think of ourselves as the boat charter company with a bit of imagination and vision. Not everything is off-the-shelf just as not every party is the same. Whether it is because you want to plan for booking multiple parties, or you are launching a brand new night, you don’t necessarily need to take our price lists for the Dutch as gospel. We can’t always discount, but if we hear a good case for it with some mutual benefit, and we have some leeway over the date you are after, we’ll be sure to consider all the ways we might be able to help.  Give us a call, we’d love to hear your ideas. 

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The Dutch Master showcased with ‘Silent Sounds’ as The Silent Disco Boat

One of our most fun party nights, run monthly by our partners at Design My Night is The Silent Disco Boat. Check out the latest dates and ticket information for Silent Sounds here and get a taster for a party on the Dutch in their video right now: