Dutch Master Party Boat – upgraded, improved!

Making the best party boat on the Thames even better

The head of our fleet, the biggest of our boats, the biggest dedicated party boat on the Thames indeed, host to countless party cruises, and a reliable veteran of many a memorable night – the Dutch Master Party Boat – was due for a makeover. So, both on our moorings at Tower pier, and in dedicated dry-docks, the good old Dutch Master has been getting a bit of TLC and in some places quite a face lift! As of the 17th of this month, she will be all done and we will get together some new promotional images and share them with you. For now, we wanted to give you a glimpse of some of the changes.

A refreshed charter boat:  New toilets, new floors, new walls, new bars!

With hundreds at each of her events, the partying sometimes took it’s toll on the Dutch Master and after a while, a good hose down and scrub up was not quite enough for our high standards, and so our plans have encompassed pretty much every aspect of the vessel’s interior.  We’ve got a new colour scheme too – a tasteful combination of Teal and Gold, applied with hard-wearing but eye-catching materials.

The new bars are Gold Bars!

An important focal point for nearly all of our events are the bars. Serving the full range of drinks that every great event deserves, it’s important that  they work well and are a nice place to be. It was really important then that these had a significant upgrade. The Dutch Master now does more boat parties and corporate events than ever, so we knew we had to get this right. One of the first considerations for our main bar in the downstairs room was quite simply to create more bar! With a maximum capacity of 375 guests, often very thirsty ones, an extra wide bar and additional draught taps were a must. Together with new fridges and faster, better cash tills, the new downstairs bar is a significant upgrade. You can see the extra bar width compared to the old bar in the image below. It’s also getting an eye-catching brushed gold effect metalled frontage too. It’s a nicer place to work, and a more efficient and better place to get your drinks!

You can also see the new hard-wearing but smart poly-floor that’s being laid. It’s not finished or uncovered yet but it will serve many dancing feet well for many years to come once down and polished.

Upstairs on the Dutch Master Party Boat

The upstairs bar has also had a touch of gold to brighten it up and behind the frontage, new fridges, tills, and taps make it a more efficient and comfortable place to work. All this ensures the all-important event guests have the best experience possible when refreshing their glasses. A lighter floor upstairs will allow us to create a slightly different atmosphere upstairs if we want to. Although it is often the second dance-floor, or plays host to a separate DJ, it also works really well as a break-out, or chill-out room. For corporate events, this also can take the role of a break-out room from a downstairs meeting or conference. Something as simple as a floor colour can help distinguish rooms and we really think this works on the new Dutch Master design.

Corporate events on the river with the dutch master

Whilst the Dutch Master is a ‘Party Boat’ of the first order, our new smart interiors invite more corporate events to enjoy what she offers as a versatile event venue on the Thames. Despite some seemingly bold colours, these are still designed to blend into the background and allow the Dutch Master to remain a ‘blank canvas’ venue for events too. With an impressive capacity of 375, 2 separate floors, and two outside upper decks, the vessel offers flexibility to go with her corporate standard. Soon we will release new corporate packages for meetings and incentives combined on the boat. We’ll update you about those soon.

The Reception Area, and toilets

In keeping with the theme, the teal and gold colours greet guests as they arrive. Brushed gold panels are shaped around curved edges that draw the eye and break up previously squared angles. The overall effect is one of an understated opulence and quality, whilst retaining for us the all-important practicality of a hard-working large and busy Thames charter vessel. And, the toilets have been rebuilt! Never going to be the most glamorous area of a busy venue (and there is less bling in the new toilet area!) we have nonetheless redesigned the toilets and installed all news facilities: more space, better cubicles, more modern flushes, better hand-dryers – everything you’d want to see, and everything 375 people on an event will need.

Finishing and relaunch

As we speak, the Dutch is back in dock having the finishing touches and snags sorted out. She’s out next week and we can’t wait to have her fully stuck into what may well be her busiest season yet. We will of course have some proper new pictures taken once she is up and running and you’ll see these on our website soon. Until then, we are taking bookings daily. Get in touch with our team on info@thamesleisure.co.uk or 020 7623 1805 for a bespoke quote for your next event.

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