Is this a Christmas for you?

We like to stay light on our feet here at Thames Leisure Towers, and a week
doesn’t go by when we aren’t analysing some part of our operation and seeing
what we can change for the better. What this usually means is a change to allow
us to sell more cruises, which is after all what we do. Here’s the good news for
customers, when we make changes it’s you – the customer – who often directly

In these days of always-on internet access and instant gratification, wanting and
getting things we want now, now, NOW! Is something that has extended to the
world of party boats and Thames cruises too to an extent. Whilst we always
encourage plenty of time to plan your event, as long as there is availability, we
can be pretty agile in turning around a quick event for you from enquiry to the
big day. Indeed over our many years in the business we have sometimes been
called on to step into the breach when customers have been let down by another
supplier. Three hundred guests for a themed party tomorrow night? We’ll need to
check a few things but there’s no reason why not.

Late Christmas availability and discounts

In the spirit of being agile, and ahead of the game, we’ve just released some
great last minute discounts on all of our vessels. Although availability is
becoming more challenging as the Christmas countdown continues apace, there
still are some great options, and if you want to go off-peak (Sunday –
Wednesdays) then we can help even more. As a starter, we know our deals
announced today giving all new bookers 25% off charter of William B and Dutch
Master, together with our absolute bargains on the Tideway, will be a festive
windfall for some with tightened purse-strings this year .

So, who is doing their shopping on Christmas Eve then…? There are some last
minute bargains to be had! Contact us now or check our Christmas discount page for more…

By Guy Wimpory

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