Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Cruise

  • Up to 42 participants
  • Year round event
  • Open to everyone
  • Few restrictions
  • Shoot into dusk
  • Perfect for team-building
  • Latest technology

An authentic Clay Pigeon Shooting Cruise, but with laser guns!

Try our new Laser clay pigeon shooting for a hugely memorable day out. Similar to the real thing; with real clays and real shotguns, but converted to fire invisible laser light, so no kick, or bang. The setup is very similar to our current ‘Clay Shoot Cruise’ event, with a traps man firing specially converted clays into the river where they harmlessly disintegrate. Our professional instructor will brief you on how to line up the gun to ensure the laser is on track to hit the target.

How does the event run?

Your chosen vessel will take your group East beyond Greenwich and the O2 to a designated part of the river allocated to this event. The activity is run as an individual competition and everyone gets to have some instruction and a few practice rounds with expert guidance.  A large electronic scoreboard provides sound effects and keeps a tally of every shot, with up to 5 guests shooting at any one time – this can sometimes be a highly competitive fast paced event!  Compared to the real shooting event, more shooters here means that more people can have more shots and there are less restrictions as health and safety is less of a concern.

Accessible and Flexible

Using modern laser clay guns gives us much more flexibility around many aspects of the event. For a start alcohol can flow from the set-off unlike when real live ammunition is being used! Secondly, daylight is much less of an issue as we can shoot in dusk as the clays here are reflective. And if you are a little wary of real live guns at an event, then you can rest assured that no-one has any reason to be nervous around these guns which are harmless. This is also a proper year -round event with warm inside saloons for the post-shoot refreshments and food. 

Choice of Charter Boats

The Laser Clay Shooting Cruise can take place on Thames Sailing Barge Will with up to 42 guests.

This new event is the first of it’s kind! Just as we brought real clay shooting onto the River Thames, we are the first to bring you the laser version! This is superior team-building which also offers so much more with great boats, great views, great food and most importantly, a great experience. Get your quote today!

  • Safe laser guns

  • Year-round events

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