The Go-Getter’s guide to a Silent Disco on the Thames

**UPDATE – Silent Disco nights are a true staple here at Thames Leisure with our partners Design My Night

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Day 39 with Thames Leisure and I’ve attended my first event! Only took a bit of running and turning into the wrong Pier gate. But I made it!

Making it to Tower Pier

Finished my day at the office early to get a head start into London, which as we all know with national rail isn’t the easiest of travel. So, two platform changes later a bit of faffing around at the hotel and numerous taxi’s we are En route to Tower Millennium Pier. We did arrive with 5 minutes to spare, there’s me trying to pace down to Gate D obviously getting lost when reaching the closed doors of another gate. We can all laugh about this now ! All aboard the Silent Disco, Halloween style!

The Halloween Hits

Stepping onboard we picked up a headset each and ambled upstairs. The energy of the boat was already high, with people miming along to different songs and more than a few confident ones who were belting it for their lives. Three DJ’s were living it up at the front of the upper deck, chanting into their microphones at every given opportunity, competing with each other. Even those people who weren’t the dancing type (Aka ’me’) were calmly rocking side by side whilst the Dutch Master rode along the Thames. There was a build-up of excitement, anticipating whether you were going to be swept off your feet or not.

The prime engagement of the night, however, was the conga line assembling on the middle deck, this was joined by the majority of attendees; you could tell even the DJ’s on the other decks wanted to abandon their posts for a second to join the ever-growing spectacle. There were a rare few people who had willpower and stuck to their own tunes. Good on you! The music was being enjoyed on the wireless headphone from the indoor dancefloors, all the way to those on the outside deck enjoying the sights along with Disco classics, House music, and Halloween hits al.

All this kept party-goers from taking it too easy! With the wind flowing through their hair and facemasks sliding down their faces, those partying outside were not holding back. A few calm moments and then huge encouragement from each other to listen to the next big tune.

The Weird and Wacky Costumes

This was a special Silent Disco and the assortment of costumes onboard was remarkable, people didn’t settle for typical costumes, they did what Design my Night asked and went ‘weird and wacky US Style’. There was glitter, blood, hats, and pumpkins – did I mention this was a Silent ‘Halloween’ Disco!? The amount of time that went into designing and actually structuring these looks must have taken devotion! People were telling me they enjoyed putting that time into their outfits as it was a getaway from life for a while; being able to portray a whole new identity in a new character.

I felt slightly jealous, me having just stuck some stickers to my face and spilled a few drinks down myself every time I’d accidentally walked into people, but I really did feel I played out my persona very well. There were many questions as to what I had dressed as and in all honesty, I am still trying to work that out! Perhaps it was a bit of a monster-mash up!? To think if I had brought a bum bag I could have come as a tourist; seeing as my camera was out at every opportunity! Sadly, I missed my seagull on a lamp-post shot though.

It was lovely being able to talk to so many people from all different areas, some who were just in the area for this event and some who were telling me about this being the first event of their night , so shout out to you guys! Thanks for entertaining me in conversation most of the night! Also, an apology to the person I fully convinced that my dad owned Lad Bible … he doesn’t so I am sorry, I won’t be able to get you a job! But you’re welcome onboard our events anytime!

The Night Sights

I took a tour down to the bottom deck to see how the vibe was, bumped into a few;pumpkins, pirates and walking corpses, all a typical night out at Halloween I suppose! All on board were content and chanting along to one of three options on their headsets.

The great thing about having 3 DJ’s is the option of changing your headset to your type of music, being able to adjust the channel and enjoy yourself whilst your company listens to what keeps them happy. But saying this I did witness numerous people try to change their station and their friends lovingly changing it back for them. True Friendship does exist!

We sailed east under Tower Bridge, past Canary Wharf passing by the O2 and what a stunning sight it was. There really is a different atmosphere partying on a boat,whilst moving along the Thames, rather than clubbing just on land.

The Closing Shot

We took the opportunity to go up on the top deck for the closing party shot! A bunch of creepy characters waving at a bridge, definitely a new thing to me! But it was the joy in their eyes as it didn’t wave back. This was a lovely voyage along the Thames and I am so thankful I got this opportunity. Thank you to all you amazing Witches, Wolves, Ghosts & Ghouls for choosing our floating horror destination this Halloween! You bring life to the Thames.

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