What is Stick It On and How Does it Work?

Stick It On was born 10 years ago in Brighton and is the brainchild of Rob Drysdale – a great DJ who stated that there are only two types of music: good and bad. Rob makes sure that the good wins through. Now Stick It On has come the the River Thames, exclusively with Thames Leisure. 

Stick It On is an original and innovative event format which empowers the event-guest, whether corporate, brirthday or wedding-goer, to enjoy 15 minutes of DJ super-stardom. Stick It On turns your event into an interactive, engaging and fully bespoke experience that is a cross of team-bonding, a huge laugh, and a serious chance to dance with colleagues and friends.

What’s the Process?

Step 1 – Sign up! First thing to say, together with Stick It On ,we handle everything. No experience is required at all, from anyone. If you know how to have a good time, you already know how to stick it on.

Step 2 – The set up. The team will create a micro-site website just for your event within www.stickiton.org.uk. With crucial facts about your event (Boat, embarkation point, itinerary etc).

Step 3 – Get sharing! Share the website with your guests and simply and quickly they will be able to register to DJ on the night. Remember, anyone can do it, guided through the whole process by the SIO team who provide everything from music to equipment to props. 

Step 4 – The DJs get creative. Uploading their chosen DJ names and their fave 3 tunes to play (or CHOONS! in Stick It On parlance) the wannabe DJs put their names in the hat.

Step 5 – DJs are chosen. With the help of a hat – and a chat with the event organiser – up to 15 DJs are selected to play on the night and are told the good news.

Step 6 – Party night! The Stick It On DJ warms up the room as befits your event. When the time is right, the first DJ is called up to bag out their top 3 tunes. All this is done with a technical helper, compere and no small amount of fanfare. Just get into it and look the part! 🙂

Step 7 – You’re off! Superstar DJs keep coming, all handled by Stick It On…this will be a night to remember and we wager one of your best nights of the year bar none.

If you want to find out more have a look around the Stick It On website at some of their testimonials, pics and info, or check our our Stick It On Christmas or wedding party pages.

Here’s what some previous event organisers have said:

“Stick It On and, in particular, the lovely Rob, really made our Christmas party go with a bang. I would have no hesitation recommending them to anyone who is looking to create the best atmosphere possible at any party. Thanks again!”


“We booked Stick It On so we could have something really unique at our event and give our colleagues a real opportunity to try something they probably haven’t done before – i.e. become a superstar DJ! It also ensured a good selection of music so everyone was kept happy and thoroughly entertained during the course of the afternoon.”


“It was a fabulous way of launching my new product lines… My clients and friends loved it, they’re still talking about it two months later.” 


“Stick It On was a fantastic addition to our UK staff summer party. We had numerous DJs emerge from our staff ranks to step up to the decks and add their own flavour to the evening. We even had the CEO and legal director hit the decks together. All in all, a great way to add something new to your event, We’ve been receiving rave reviews from staff ever since.”


And if you still aren’t sure – here’s some FAQs to enlighten further:

Q. Our guests aren’t real DJs and haven’t got a clue what they’re doing. Can we still get involved?

A. Of course you can! Absolutely no DJ experience is necessary as technical help is on hand to smoothly guide you and your guests through your 15 minutes of fame. Stick It On is about having fun and doesn’t take itself too seriously, giving you the chance to rock the house and let everyone else concentrate on the single one most important thing. Enjoying your event.

Q. Do the guests have to provide their own music?

A. No, we’ll source and supply all the music for you and your guests.

Q. Can guests DJ with friends or do they have to do it on their own?

A.  It’s completely up to them! They are welcome to DJ on their own or if a bit of moral support is required then they can come up and do it pairs or even as a group.

Q. What do you provide within your fee?

A. Our prices with Thames Leisure include everything they have listed on their quote that you need for your event and within our elements we include all the pre-organisation which includes the microsite build and hosting, plus any printing. On the actual day of the event it includes the setting up and running of the Stick It On session by one of our trained professionals. It also includes the audio and lighting equipment. There are no extras unless you want them!

Q. Do you have insurance cover and are you PAT tested?

A. Yes. We have public liability insurance up to £10,000,000, products liability insurance up to £10,000,000. All of our equipment has been PAT tested.

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