Summer on the River

Longer and warmer days mean only one thing – summer is around the corner. This winter we’ve been busy undercover planning events on the river new and exciting events on the river and it’s time to share some more with you!

Last time we looked at the adrenaline fuelled Venture Cup and staggering Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival and this week we are going to awe-inspiring Clipper Race as well the Summer BBQ Cruise – an old favourite with a new twist!

The return of the Clipper fleet to London – history in the making

With Race 11 starting last weekend and we thought it fitting to have a look at how the Clipper Race was progressing. With everything that has passed at Thames Leisure since we waved good bye to the fleet at the Thames Barrier last summer it’s quite extraordinary to imagine that the Clippers have been nonstop racing and touring the globe all this time.

Having crossed the Pacific, the fleet are entering the final third of their mammoth undertaking. Race 11 takes them between San Francisco and Panama (a 21 day voyage of 3350 Nautical Miles) and in just a few months they will be returning to London across the Atlantic!

What is it? The Clipper Race is the only Ocean Yacht Race of its kind. The organiser supplies twelve 70ft, stripped out yachts that are then sponsored by various teams, manned by a fully qualified skipper but crewed by amateurs – the likes of you and me!

The trials of such an undertaking are simply staggering and brave. The race is broken down into 16 legs and consists of a 40,000 mile trip! The fleet will stop at 16 ports over their journey on 6 continents (check the race viewer to see where they are now!) before returning to London this summer after a year-long trip under sail.

Who should watch? Londoners who enjoy the infectious buzz being present at world class events should get a group together and share their passion with us! For those that enjoy sailing and sea this is a rare spectacle that cannot be missed. Why watch it on television when you could attend in person?

What do they say about it? Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, founder and chairman of the Clipper Race, “twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbour. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover”. Intrigued? I know I am – get involved and you never know, you may be inspired to sign up for the race next year!

What do we say about it? Events like the Clipper Race highlight how important the Capital is on the world stage. London has been honoured to host the beginning and the end of this magnificent global race and it’s a great privilege to celebrate their astounding achievement first hand as they sail up the victory parade to Tower Bridge.

Contact us now to be part of this historic occasion!

Summer Deck BBQs

What is it?In the summer months there really is nothing better than relaxing with friends on the open top deck of the William B, your favourite cocktail in hand while London’s sites drift past around you. With a sizzling BBQ and a well stocked bar, our BBQ cruises in the summer twilight are the best escape for Londoners wanting a break from hot offices.

Who should watch? Well OK, this isn’t exactly the right format for our BBQ cruises! However, London can become a bit of a greenhouse in the summer with busy stifling heat. You don’t have to leave London to get fresh air, a breeze and a refreshing break – come down the river to re-energise your spirits and do something different. It can be a magical holiday for a few hours that will surprise your guests and have then smiling ear to ear – trust us!

What do they say about it? “We just wanted to say what a superb time we had on Saturday – thank you all so much! All our guests were over the moon about it; wonderful organisation, friendly and attentive crew, delicious food and drinks very well served, lovely views and of course superb weather”, Tony Budd, 27th July 2013.

What do we say about it? All our fleet have outside sun decks as well as comfortable saloons inside. For larger celebrations for up-to 140 guests a William B BBQ Cruise is an idea option. Whether for staff parties, birthdays, wedding receptions, or any other reason, you’ll be booking in great memories for the summer when you book a BBQ cruise on the river. Contact us now for more…

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