The Best Summer Thames Cruises Are Here!!

Just yesterday we opened up the double front doors of our Brighton office that look out over the sea, and basked for a good hour or two what felt like  Spring sunshine, and sea breezes with just an edge of….yes….actual warmth! The joys of Spring are close!

So, do you want some freshly cut daffodils at the office party company cruise for mid-summer? Maybe some summery bossa-nova on the sound system to drift across the open deck as fresh jugs of Pimms are set down on each table? Perfect BBQ delights are served up just as you are contemplating your second glass of perfectly chilled delicious white wine…

Ahhhh, Summer! You can tell we are filled with the joys of Spring and the promise of what comes next. The fact is, though we love the river at Christmas – the clear crisp skies and the sparkling London skyline from the warm boat saloons – Summer is really where it’s at when it comes to mucking about on the river.

Alfresco dining on the Thames

Our BBQ Thames cruises are a perennial favourite, with our Thames River Cruiser ‘William B’ just perfect for the job. Her wide open top deck which runs most of the length of the boat makes a perfect viewing platform with plenty of space to sit or stand and do a bit of London sightseeing from the river.

The deck space also means if you want some live music in the sun to accompany your al fresco cruise, it’s not a problem.

Tower Bridge salutes you!

That is genuinely what it feels like when you have your boat cruise event on Sailing Barge Will. She’s a tall ship of sorts and as such her towering 30m mast commands Tower Bridge to stop the traffic and open up to let her through. Even the most staunch Top-Gear fan/petrol-head will smile inside when the traffic crossing this famous first bridge in central London has to grind to a halt so you can slowly wander through as tide’s pace. Very satisfying!!

Even if your cruise is on a different vessel from our Thames party boat fleet we can coordinate with Sailing Barge Will to ensure you get the same regal experience.

Clay Shooting on the River Thames

We’ve been doing clay pigeon shooting on the Thames for years. And it is GREAT! Whether you have corporate clients to impress, staff to reward, or perhaps hen or stag-do mates to have fun with, this is a sure-fire way to impress. We’ll take you from central London, perhaps with a full-English or generous continental breakfast to get you ready, down to our shooting site a bit further East down the Thames – about an hour and a half’s cruise away – where we break out the guns! Our entertaining and highly experienced shooting instructor will put the group into teams and through their paces with a practice before launching into a bit of friendly and fun competition. Great for beginners and those who’ve done a bit of shooting before, it’s a classic event and a recipe for a great day on the river. After shooting, the cold beers and chilled wines are ready to go! (We operate a strict no drinking and shooting policy – of course!). We’ll then serve a delicious lunch and bring you back in to Central London on the return cruise. Our Thames shooting cruises do indeed operate year round but the perfect way to experience them is in the warm sun of an English Summer’s day. Ahhhhhh………BANG!

Tall Ships on the Thames – Royal Greenwich

Last year was a bit unusual on the Thames for one main reason – 80 odd Tall Ships came to the capital for the Royal Greenwich Tall Ships Festival, a 5 day celebration of beautiful sailing vessels. We got involved with SB Will, both taking part in a traditional sail flotilla, and also taking paying passengers down to the festival to watch the fireworks. It was brilliant! The Tall Ships are back en masse in April 2017 for the Royal Greenwich to Quebec Tall Ships Rendez-vous but before that they will be coming again in smaller numbers in August 2015. We’ll be able to take you on the river to see these sleek beautiful ships both cruising and moored up at their temporary home in at Woolwich Arsenal.

We are Totally Thames!

Yes we are, but actually what was the Mayor’s Thames Festival now has a better claim – they have rebranded as Totally Thames and this celebration of all things riparian (Google it) and fluvial is a month long, with the whole of September showcasing hundreds of river-linked events in the capital.

Here’s HippopoThames which we spotted on the river last year – what watery visitors will 2015 bring? Get on board with us to be a part of the river scene this September.

Lucky enough to have a summer birthday?

We do loads of birthday party cruises on the Thames and summer summer gives you the great option of breaking your birthday boat party out onto the top-decks of our boats. Any format is possible from seated dinner cruises to disco cruises with your favourite tunes playing – or a mixture of both.

In fact, I turned 40 last June and I was lucky enough to have my birthday on one of our lovely river boats. A perk of the job for me but I’m just one of many who celebrated a birthday on our fleet last year, and many will do so again this year.

I decided on a group of about 50 so knew that Sailing Barge Will was what I wanted, not least because it would mean Tower Bridge would open up for me and my friends. It is such a special feeling and has a real impact – we all loved it! We picked my guests up from Tower Pier just outside the Tower of London and so had the benefit of not one but two bridge lifts! At the start of the cruise, in warm early evening summer sun everyone gaped in quiet wonder as we drifted through waving to the gathered pedestrians waiting for us to pass through. At the end of the evening (moderately but happily lubricated by one or three beers!) we went through again with London lit up around us – the Gherkin, the Walkie Talkie, City Hall, The Shard, London Bridge and of course Tower Bridge itself. A spontaneous chorus of happy birthday as we went through this time was something I’ll never forget. In fact some of the people up on the bridge watching us go through joined in too – amazing!

So, whether summer birthday party. Office party, corporate entertaining, wedding reception, or anything else, I can personally recommend getting on the river in some shape or form in Summer 2015. Here’s a few pics from my birthday Thames cruise to give you a flavour of a summer cruise on Will with friends and family.

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