The top 5 Christmas Party money saving ideas (and an offer!)

Christmas party boat cruise enquires are upon us and the current initial trickle will soon turn to a steady stream, then gradually a torrent. A perennial truth is that the earliest enquirers will get the ‘best’ dates – those Thursdays and Fridays that are often seen as the ideal days to balance the festive holiday feel with availability of your guests and maybe just a consideration of the ‘hangover factor’ and the accompanying (godforbid) potential drop in staff productivity perhaps. Dipping into one or two of our Thames fleet, here is a bit of an offer from us to kick things off. You’re welcome.

Book off-peak dates – save instantly this christmas

For those who are late to the party or who simply just want to make the most of a limited budget for their Christmas party, considering other ‘off-peak’ days is a sure-fire way to save some money. Again this year we will be discounting charter fees as a matter of course on all our vessels on off peak days of the week – and also some dates outside December. Saving 10% of your charter fee could mean up to an extra £50 – £200 to either stretch your budget, or of course spend on more wine! Whichever way you cut it, a budget Christmas party can add a very definite glow to proceedings – everyone likes a bargain!

What this means practically is that for all events booked on Sundays to Wednesdays inclusive in December, we will automatically give you 10% off the charter fee element of your Christmas party. 

10% is a good chunk but how can you save more and still keep everyone happy whilst throwing a Christmas party to remember. We are all about value, and while we always try and deliver really competitive but still brilliant Christmas event and cruises on all our Thames boats, there are other ways to tighten the belts (before letting them out again for that last mince pie). here’s our Top 5 tips:

1. the joy of buffet

The traditional view of a Christmas meal is of happy faces around a beautifully laid out and crowded festive-festooned dinner table, the full works on the plates. Yes we can do that but just as much delicious food, along with a better helping of flexibility and Christmas budget savings, can be achieved by going buffet. Buffets work brilliantly on all our boats but wherever your Christmas Party is going to be,check out the buffet options and see the savings rack up.


Maybe this is obvious but for most companies at least, those 9-5 hours or thereabouts are still the norm. Without a doubt we will book up many daytime Christmas parties in the day as always, but if you go for the evening slots, quite simply you are not paying your staff a wage whilst you are also paying for them to eat,drink and be merry! A word of advice though, the evening Christmas parties are still the favourite options generally so when you have a date in mind, get in touch and check availability as soon as possible before someone else snaps them up!


We can provide you with DJs and other entertainers who we promise will ensure the dance floor and ambience work just as they should – pleasing the crowds and ensuring Christmas spirit abounds. However – whilst not wanting to put our excellent DJs out of a job (!) – you could consider taking advantage of the alternative of a plug and play solution. Get a playlist together and plug into a sounds system on the boat. What’s that sound? It’s the sound of money in your pocket!!


Whilst drinks packages are still very popular and have the added benefit of allowing you to know what you will spend upfront, drinks tokens are an increasingly popular and accepted way of buying drinks for your guests but putting a cap on it. Commonly, a couple of drinks tokens per person which can be exchanged at the bar for agreed drinks is a cost effective way of supplying some merriment in a glass whilst keeping a tab on things. Talk to us about this and other bar solutions

5. Do it on a boat

Have you noticed by the way, how at least one of our ‘top tips’ seems to be about us and our services?! Curious….   Aaaaaanyway, seriously, have you seen what great value our boats cruises are? We constantly research the market and our competitors both for cost and level product quality and service to ensure we are providing the best we possibly can. We are confident that as an overall experience, we are an excellent value proposition for Christmas parties.  With hire prices starting at just £555 (vat free) for a three hour daytime charter before any discounts are applied, she makes for a brilliant value and fun venue. You can check out all our Thames boat hire prices here

And a bonus tip just for Thames Christmas Party cruises only

Transport to the Christmas party venue itself – it’s a pain isn’t it!? Well, perhaps its unavoidable but the great thing about river boats in London, is…you guessed it….they move! We serve no fewer than 20 piers in London from Chelsea in the west to Woolwich in the East. We can advise you on the closest pier to your location and not only can we likely save you money on transport to your location, it’ll likely cut out any painful potential traffic or public transport situations en route – one of the best things about our constantly flowing and serene river!

We hope you save a few quid this Christmas if that’s what you need. We are happy to talk you through all the options there are, so do get in touch any time and we’ll respond swiftly.

Whilst we are thinking thriftily, we don’t want to finish there though. Some of the very best things that we can offer your office  Christmas party this year, come under the category of Money Can’t Buy or Priceless.

money can’t buy christmas experiences

1. The views are amazing and free…

One thing we cannot stress enough is how wonderful the views of London are from the river. It is a moving tapestry too – as you cruise along the Thames, it’s an ever-changing view. At night, and at Christmas time particularly when the air over the river can be so clear, it is extra special. London’s cityscape has become more spectacular in recent years with vaulted precipices like the ‘Shard’ and the ‘Walkie Talkie’ dominating central London’s skies, and from the river you can see these lit up next to more ancient sights like the Tower of London and Palace of Westminster. Even if the weather isn’t great, we always find groups up on deck gazing in wonder at the sights of this fantastic city. On a Thames boat cruise at Christmas you get all this for free.

2. Tower bridge opening just for you!

Yep – we can move that historic world famous building for you. Yes sure, we can stop traffic crossing through central london as you cruise slowly through sipping some warm spiced mulled wine on the deck of a classic historic ship. no problem! Amazing but true, we can indeed do this for you. our 90 year old and exceedingly beautiful Thames Sailing Barge ‘Will’ has 30 metre high masts and so by a long-standing decree from the city of London, tower bridge must open for her (and other similar tall vessels) if they have reason to pass. they do have reason to pass – taking delighted groups of Christmas revellers through the capital as they raise some Christmas cheer! Wow.

3. A Real log fire

  1. We’ve got big boats, and we have smaller more intimate boats too. SB Will as mentioned above, is our oldest and also cosiest boat. We don’t use the word cosy as a cover-up for ‘small’ – she really is very cosy! with warm oak panelled saloon, a bean bag sofa, long dining tables and her very own real log stove burning away happily on all our Christmas cruises, ‘will’ is one of London’s hidden gems for sure. If you want a 100% traditional feel for Christmas then will is the one you need. With Tower Bridge opening too, memories from this Christmas party will stick.

So, how about a christmas party Thames cruise this year then?

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