Top nautical themes for your themed boat party

A themed boat party always good fun. They help bring unity to an event – allowing you to decorate, pick food and drinks etc. that match your concept. They also encourage effort and creativity.

Staging a party on a boat lends itself incredibly well to theming. Of course you could do anything you wanted, but as you are already on water – here is a list of our favourite nautical themed gatherings.


This has got to be the easiest theme – just head to a supermarket and there is so much kid’s pirate party merchandise, you’ll have no problem decorating the boat. Pirate parties are not just for children though – there are plenty of historical figures that you could base your outfits on, including some pretty fearless lady pirates! The Thames is just the place to indulge in their wicked antics too – many were brought back here for trial, facing death by hanging on the banks of the river. Bring your own gruesome pirate stories and swap them over rum cocktails!

Washed up

Of course you could do things that wash up on the beach, but how many people can look glamorous dressed as driftwood? Instead, make it ‘washed up celebs’. There are plenty of these poor, desperate souls lurking at fundraising events or signing up to ‘boost their profile’ in a reality TV show. This could be such a good party that maybe you’ll get some of those z-listers turning up for real!

The love boat

This was an American TV series that was full of all the glamour (and moments of fromage) that you would expect. Basically this is a nautical themed 70’s / 80’s party, which is pretty much guaranteed a laugh. Throw in some retro cocktails, a little bit of disco and some romancing with the captain (ahem!) and you will be transported to the Beverley Hills 90210 of boating.

Under the sea

To hardened fancy dressers, the thought of coming as a mermaid or a sea monster is fab, but you know that there are always some people that are going to grumble about this theme. Most things ‘under the sea’, look nothing like you or me, and that instantly blocks the ‘easy option’ of coming as yourself and just saying that you have thought about your outfit. Perhaps a Sea God might be ok for someone who flatly refuses to dress up as Nemo? Poseidon might have worn jeans if he had arrived in the 21st century! Or Jacques Cousteau?

When the ship went down…

What were you wearing when the ship went down? Think glamorous cocktail dresses or Captains outfits. Or get a bit more creative and think about what might have happened if you were mid-dress or straight from the shower (perhaps grab a towel!). Of course not everyone on a boat is a guest – the kitchen staff or the boiler room staff will all be dressed for work? And what if you were a stowaway? If the ship is about to sink, you stop what you are doing and run! This is a good party theme if you want to get creative!

Yellow Submarine

Use that as your starting point for a Beatles themed party. You could dress as the fab four or represent one of their songs / albums in your outfit. If you are intent on keeping a watery theme, there is always “I am the Walrus”…! Alternatively you could have watery themed songs. Cry me a river, California Raining, Two rocks and a cup of water – there are plenty of options.

By Guy Wimpory

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