Tower Bridge cruises

  • Groups of 10 to 375
  • Once in a Lifetime!
  • Stop the traffic

How much does it cost to hire a boat and open Tower Bridge?

For our largest vessel, Dutch Master, we can take groups of between 100 and 375 guests. Prices vary depending on days and times but Charter Fees start from just £1500 for 4 hours.

Head to our prices page or our Online Quote Calculator for more detail or get in touch for a full quote.

SB Will is £2950 to charter and can take a maximum of 50 guests. For something extra special she’s your boat!

Sailing Barge Will opening Tower Bridge

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Open Tower Bridge for your next London event

Only very special boats can open Tower Bridge in London. It’s a trick that only vessels large or tall enough can pull off, and it gives lucky guests aboard a truly unusual and rare London experience. No other city in the world can offer such an experience with such an iconic landmark.

There are lots of cruise vessels in London but most potter up and down the river raising few eyebrows, let least being saluted by perhaps London’s most enduring and handsome buildings. Things are different with us.

How to open Tower Bridge

1 – Charter Boat Sailing Barge Will

Groups of up to 50 hire Thames Sailing Barge Will for many reasons; it might be her history, her log-burning stove, her warm and cosy saloon, or one of many other reasons. But primary among the motivations to charter this traditional sailing boat is Tower Bridge. With masts at about 30 metres high, ‘Will’ opens Tower Bridge every single time she cruises from or back to Tower Millennium Pier. ‘Tower’ pier is right outside the Tower of London and provides the perfect set-off point for Will on her Thames cruises. Whether a lunch or dinner cruise, one of her famous Clay Shoot cruises, or a Casino Night Cruise, Will is your choice for parties of 5 to 50 who want the ‘Tower Bridge Experience’

2 – Charter Boat Dutch Master

One of the biggest boats on the Thames, ‘The Dutch’ opens Tower Bridge if she is due to pass through at high tide. The Thames is extremely tidal, her ‘tidal range’ is about 7 metres from lowest to highest. So when it is above a certain point, combined with the Dutch’s 12+ metres stature, Tower Bridge has to concede to her right to open the her famous bascules, sound the alarm to stop the traffic, and let Dutch Master through. Being on board the Dutch Master and her two ‘floating roof garden’ decks with friends or colleagues sipping cold drinks and enjoying cool tunes as London pauses just for you is what memories are made of! Please note: Dutch Master only opens Tower Bridge through prior arrangement at certain times only.

Why bother opening Tower Bridge on your cruise?

Quite simply – the experience of such an unusual and special moment. Most people are thrilled at the sheer fact that they can do this, an unknown for most, even many Londoners! London’s River Thames is a special place to be at any time, but this time and place we believe is the best of all.

When can I open Tower Bridge?

If you charter SB Will to cruise from Tower Pier then your cruise will open Tower Bridge each time you pass through it, any day. On Dutch Master then it does depend on the tide. Get in touch with us and we can focus in on the time of year you have in mind and see what dates and times would work.

Open Tower Bridge as a Christmas present!

Christmas is a special time. Why not do something special for your colleagues on your company Christmas party? Below are the evening dates when groups will enjoy the added (free) gift of Tower Bridge opening for them. It’s first come, first served, so get in touch as soon as you can to snap up the hottest dates on the river this December.

December 2019’s Tower Bridge dates**:

Daytime Bridge lifts: 10th, 11th, 12th, 13th, 14th, 15th, 16th

Evening Bridge lifts: 18th, 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd

Day or Eve Bridge lifts: 17th, 23rd

** Please note the time of the bridge lift and so your passage through it varies across these dates. Please contact us for full details of event timings that will get you a Christmas present to remember for ever!

  • A unique experience

  • Enjoy from our roof decks

  • 5 to 375 guests

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