Trialling a new map of the Thames

We thought it was about time we got ourselves a new map of the Thames showing the piers we can stop at and some of the sights and attractions of the river along the way. So, although this is a work in progress we thought we’d share it with you and see if anyone out there would give us any feedback. We’d really really like your comments on how usable this is so we can improve it. We want this map to eventually become a valuable resource for information about the Thames as well as how and where our fleet of Thames river cruisers and party boats operate on it.

Powered by Prezi

It’s created on Prezi, a great platform based on ‘ZUI’ (Zooming User Interface no less!) that allows you to interact with the map: you can click drag and zoom in and out using your mouse or using some zooming icons that appear on the right hand side of the screen when you move over to them. It’s best viewed in full screen – click the icon on the bottom right of the Prezi screen. Just have a play and see how you get on, we hope it’s quite intuitive. We’ve also made it more interesting that just river and piers; check out some of the landmarks and viewing highlights that we have dotted along the river routes. We’ll be updating and tweaking it live soon so do check back soon too to see the latest version.

Competition Time!

Well not yet it’s not, but we have some ideas about using this new map as a treasure map and hunting ground for real treasures that we can hide on its canvas – treasures behind clues that will lead to prizes. Watch this space. Will X mark the spot?

Please tell us what you think!

If you can spare 5 for a play around with the map and a bit of user testing, then let us know what you think, that would be great. It’s Beta mode so all criticisms accepted, and all insights useful. We can still fix and change everything!

Thanks so much – here’s to the future of excellent Thames maps! (Hopefully)

Guy & the team

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