Wine Tasting Experiences

  • Fun Team Building event
  • Several packages
  • Wine and Food matching
  • Up to 80 guests

Team Building Wine Events make us all jolly sailors!

A perfect activity for complete novices and newcomers, wine lovers, and wannabe connoisseurs alike! You will get the opportunity to taste both Red & White wines, consider their qualities from a geographical point of view: New & Old world, and ‘best of both worlds’, all from the comfort of your Thames Leisure boat. This tried and trusted activity is perfect for team building and private events alike.

Wines from around the world

Our wine tasting experience samples wines from around the world. But, our wine-tasting event is a little different from many! Being based more on a ‘game show’ format, the event is fully interactive with the group being divided in to small teams allow a healthy amount of competition which ultimately results in prizes for teams and individuals who stand out.

The wine tasting schedule

The tasting activity can last from anything between 45 minutes and 1.5 hours dependent on your package and event requirements. Initially concentrating on tasting methods, wine knowledge and trivia, you will then move on to the ’Tasting Rounds’, where teams are given wines to test and challenged to identify the grape and flavours described in the tasting notes. The program draws to a conclusion with each team reviewing a ‘mystery wine’ to identify.

More drinking…for fun!

The overall experience is focused on entertainment and making sure all guests are kept entertained and involved with a glass of wine at hand at all times! What’s more, if you and your guests aren’t wine fans look below at our other ‘booze-based’ fun team-building events!

  • Great Hosts

  • Matching with Food

  • Wine options

"Thank you for looking after us so well on Friday on board The Will. We all had a fabulous day and, most importantly, The Spectator readers had a great deal of fun. The feedback has been extremely positive. A number of them tottered off to continue the party together, so I think some new friendships were forged over the cruise, clays, cocktails and claret!

Laura Taylor, Private Cellar

“I would like to say a big thank you on behalf of everyone here who came to the wine tasting cruise…We had a fantastic afternoon... Read More

Cat Bodle, Goodman

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